With awareness regarding infertility issues rising today, many couples confidently take the aid of technology to find a solution. There are many options available which can all help you start a family of your own. One of these is Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI). It is often the initial treatment of choice, given the simplicity of the procedure and its relatively low cost. Here is why IUI holds appeal for so many and why it may be suitable for you, too.

Less Invasive

The key step of IUI, which involves placing sperm into the female’s uterus, is conducted by keeping the vagina open using a speculum and positioning a catheter so sperm can pass directly into the womb. This only takes a few minutes, after which the procedure is complete. Many patients prefer IUI for this low level of invasiveness.

Relatively Painless

While some ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments can involve surgical procedures, which may cause discomfort and pain, IUI usually involves the insertion of a flexible tube into the uterus. This is mostly painless for the majority of patients. For female patients who require stimulation of eggs, an injection may be administered.


As the procedures involved make minimal use of advanced technology and take up little time for the medical staff, IUI treatment cost is among the lowest among assisted reproductive technologies. Its affordability makes it a more attractive option for different kinds of patients, ranging from those seeking affordable treatment to those for whom more advanced procedures are unnecessary.

Minimal Disruption To Lifestyle

The IUI procedure is quick and does not take multiple sessions to complete. Compared to treatments such as IVF, which may require numerous check-ups, injections, extraction of eggs, insertion of embryos into the uterus, and even lifestyle changes, IUI is an easier choice for many for initial attempts before moving on to more time-consuming techniques.

Many couples seeking fertility treatment are often lost and anxious about the right path. 9 Months Fertility Centre provides patients with clear guidance on the type of treatment they require. Patients are recommended affordable and hassle-free IUI treatment in Nairobi, Kenya, where infertility issues are not severe. The treatment meets international standards and is carried out by experienced doctors.

IUI is a quick and relatively painless procedure for those who face minor challenges in achieving pregnancy or require a donor to do so. In addition, its low cost makes it preferable, even for multiple attempts, compared to more expensive options. However, it may not be an effective solution for everybody and might not work for patients facing specific fertility challenges. Hence, it would be recommended to consult a medical professional to determine your best path forward. Contact us today.


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