Getting fertility treatment is a major life decision for most couples. Therefore, it is essential to make this decision wisely. Each individual has their preferences and may be looking for different forms of assistance. In this situation, it is important to evaluate which clinic, with its corresponding characteristics, services, and pricing, will be most suitable for you.

IVF Success Rates

Perhaps one of the first things you may look for is the rate of success of the clinic. One of the key indicators of IVF success rates to look out for is the rate of live births. However, that does not mean necessarily choosing the clinic with the highest percentage. Clinics with higher percentages may refuse to take patients older than 40 or may have more aggressive strategies, such as recommending the transfer of more embryos to the uterus than the patient may wish. Therefore, asking the right questions is necessary.

Experience of Clinical Staff

An experienced clinical staff is critical for safe and effective procedures. Male infertility, female infertility, and even psychological specialists are found at the 9 Months Fertility Centre. We aim to provide a full spectrum of services for patients, with some of the best fertility doctors in Nairobi, headed by an expert director.

Understand the Treatment Offered and the Technology Used

It is crucial to understand the treatments offered. As fertility treatments require a considerable investment of time and money and can deliver life-changing outcomes, it is crucial for you to have the maximum options, access to the latest technologies, and to know how much control you have over key decisions in the procedures. This includes how much time will be between each treatment cycle so that you can recover physically and emotionally and how many embryos will be transferred to the uterus. Here at 9 Months Fertility Centre, an IVF centre in Nairobi, we believe in constantly keeping up with state-of-the-art technology.

Duration of Procedures

Undergoing IVF can require following a different, healthier lifestyle. Also, planning your schedule can require you to be aware of the duration of the treatments. It can vary slightly from centre to centre. A standard cycle takes approximately four weeks, the length of a normal ovulation cycle. A complete treatment, which may consist of a few cycles, screening, and breaks, may take several months.

Transparency in Costs and Procedures

Given the amount of money invested in fertility treatment, it is important to note if the clinic is transparent about general costs and specific procedures. There should be no hidden costs that give unexpected surprises moving forward. Providing one of the more affordable options for IVF treatment costs in Nairobi is the 9 Months Fertility Centre. Approachable staff is always willing to discuss any questions about pricing and procedures.

Research Insurance and Payment Plans

Finally, payment plans and support in availing insurance should be crucial to learn about before settling on a clinic. The proper payment or insurance plan can take the load off your shoulders financially. Savings today can go a long way towards building a future for the family you are on your way to the building.

9 Months Fertility Centre is a leading fertility clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. With experienced medical professionals and updated systems and facilities, it is a trusted choice for many hopeful couples. Contact us for a consultation today.


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