Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst Transfer Nairobi, Kenya

Blastocyst transfer is the transfer of a developing blastocyst, a five-to-six-day-old embryo, into the womb to induce pregnancy. Blastocyst transfer success rates are significantly higher compared to the transfer of 3-day-old embryos. However, it is recommended to ask your doctor if it is the best option for you, as sometimes, only one blastocyst embryo transfer takes place. For this reason, it also reduces the risk of multiple unexpected pregnancies. This is one of the leading reasons many patients willingly request blastocyst transfer.

Advantages of Blastocyst

A blastocyst transfer is a better option as it makes the implantation of easier. When a woman goes through the non-IVF reproduction, the embryo slides down the Fallopian tube and into the uterus on day 2. When the doctors place blastocyst inside the woman’s womb directly on day 5 or 6, the pregnancy prospects become higher than normal. Also, when the genetic testing is done on the blastocysts, it is more accurate.

Then why don’t all IVF patients opt for blastocysts?

This is because it all depends on several factors, such as age, medical history, the amount and quality of embryos produced, etc. For more information or for a consultation, you can visit your nearest 9 MONTHS Fertility CENTER. The skilled specialists will provide you with the correct diagnosis and make sure you receive the best treatment.

What are the drawbacks?

The main disadvantage is that there might not be enough embryos to freeze. And, the freezing of embryos is the most overlooked area during the IVF treatment. When the frozen embryos are transferred using blastocysts, the chances of conception are high. Especially if you have two blastocysts, it is wise to use one and freeze the other. However, the major drawback is that not all clinics offer blastocyst culturing and it can also be an expensive move.

Should people with failed IVF try blastocysts?

Yes. With the help of blastocyst culture, your specialist will be able to determine if your embryos develop beyond three days.

However, this relatively new technology has made the development of blastocyst up to five days in the lab possible, significantly increasing the IVF success rate.

At 9 Months Fertility Clinic, we provide advanced procedures and testing for successful IVF treatment under one roof. Talk to our trustworthy medical professionals today to know whether blastocyst embryo transfer would be suitable for you.


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