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About 9months Fertility Clinic

9Months Fertility is one of the reliable choices for fertility treatments in Nairobi, Kenya. We leverage the world’s most advanced IVF technology to help couples with child conception. We have a team of experienced doctors from India to ensure the best chances for success. Care and compassion are our core values.

We strive to meet international standards in all our services.

What drives us is a lack of awareness, and a stigma, with regards to fertility and the medical challenges it can face. We believe in doing our best to serve all our patients and bring them new happiness in their lives.

In order to make fertility treatments a breeze, we make use of Best-In-Class infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies to create a safe and conducive environment for all our patients and procedures.

9 Months Fertility’s team of experts and professionals are fully committed to care and treatment that provides actual results. We keep a close eye on the patient throughout our care and analyse the situation, providing care that is tailored to them.

Our Treatments:

Follicular Monitoring
Male Infertility Treatment
Female Infertility Treatment
Donor Program
Genetic Testing (PGT)
Blastocyst Transfer


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